What Operating System Would Run the NCC-1701?

Technology, what if humans are doing it all wrong?

What Operating System Would Run the NCC-1701?

What would the computer system of the NCC-1701 look like if built from 2021 computer technology?

Crew get an html browser connected to a linux web/database brain.  The brain is backed up to Starfleet systems, and redundant onboard.  She can get be breached in multiple places, and still function.  If Kirk orders 0-0-0-destruct-0, captains' log is mostly retained.  All communication is secure from Klingon intercept.  All secrets are secure from Klingon intercept.  Crew has varying levels of access depending on rank, and duty.  Captain has a human intelligible way of manually overriding everything.  Imagine running a bunch of Windows virtual machines, and connecting to them over a remote desktop protocol?  Can you count all the extra hardware you'd need to handle a load designed to be heavy?  Imagine moving per user resource requirements from MB to GB.  Who is that good for?

The NCC-1701 is as simple, and low weight as possible to accomplish the mission.  Scotty needs to be able to climb into a tube with a wrench in his teeth to fix things.  It has zero external dependencies.  AWS, Google, Apple, Comcast, and Verizon combined cannot stop the NCC-1701.

Containers, and container orchestration will not use Kubernetes.  Kubernetes fails marginal analysis for most cases smaller than Google scale.  Kubernetes is the secret handshake among tech professionals to increase complexity, and cost.

The NCC-1701 will use virtual machines to resource isolate certain systems, but VMware is doing it wrong.  The Linux kernel already has the world's best hypervisor built into it.  qemu-kvm will operate at zero cpu overhead if host and guest kernels match.  VMware guarantees 3-7% cpu overhead.

The NCC-1701's html browsers will run on Linux desktop due to resource efficiency, and user friendlyness.  It will not run Windows anywhere.  The crew will not be forced to re-learn their control panel mid mission.

The crew of the Enterprise have no tolerance for shit that breaks itself, and is locked up by lawyers, accounts, and MBA types who have conspired to make a system more complex than it need be.

The crew of the NCC-1701 demand a system designed from the ground up to serve the mission, without care for constant revenue stream.